3 Mon 9 Day The first stage of the Autonomic Nervous Academy for therapists and trainers

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Functional anatomy and autonomic neurology for therapists

Basic edition


The purpose of the academy

Through the lectures and practical training at the academy, we will make practical introductions to salons and gyms, including functional anatomy and understanding of autonomic nerves.

Understand medical grounds, acquire knowledge that can be explained to clients, and learn the basics of management.

1: Functional anatomy 4 time

  • From neck to shoulder pad Functional dissection and therapist approach
  • Trunk to upper limb Functional anatomy and therapist approach
  • Buttocks and lower limbs Functional dissection and therapist approach
  • Important parts Functional dissection and movement mechanism

· · · · ·

Motor physiology, autonomic neurology. . .

We have developed a program that allows the theory and practical skills of autonomic training and conditioning in 22 time.

The first phase starts today.

Former J-Leger, now leader R, Aroma leader K himself, association association

Can attend privately.

In the future, we plan to receive guidance from many top athletes.