Medical consultation for hair loss?

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The other day, I examined what seems to be a problem with the site called Wakigabusters.

This operator creates and operates a similar medical site.


What! Medical consultation here too? Something that could be taken.


Please email me if you have any questions about hair loss.

I will answer as far as I understand ^^


For people who are considering unspecified number of medical hair removal Questions & Answers In other words, isn't it a medical consultation?


Isn't it a problem that people who are not qualified as doctors, dentists, and nurses call for medical consultations at medical sites like this?


Does this operator understand the physician law and medical law?

At least those who operate medical sites should be aware of medical laws.

It is not clear to me who are not lawyers whether these descriptions and responses of the operators of this site are equivalent to violations of the Doctoral Law.

However, we believe that this site operator's trial-speaking affiliate PR and other behavioral problems that induce other competitors should be strictly avoided.