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Details of Affiliator Hair Removal Consultation

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Affiliator's hair removal affiliate site that operated a site that posted false information of our hospital



Medical consultation here too? May have done.

I thought hair removal was a medical practice. ・ ・ If it is not considered a medical practice, there is no problem ...

There is a description that the site called Wakigaba Busters, which is operated by this site operator, may be in danger of conflicting with the clear physician law, and there is also a problem that there is a problem that our hospital is doing exactly the same treatment I was very confused.



At first I had no knowledge of permanent hair removal, but when I tried to remove my hair, I said, “This is pretty easy!” Or “This is necessary for cosmetic surgery” `` This is appropriate and customer satisfaction is born from such a place. '' I tried.

In reality"Our clinic, why don't you introduce me!"I'm angry with a hairdressing surgeon friend who had my hair removed, so I'm making it secretly for her right now ^^;

I am writing as neutral and objective as possible on an extension of half my hobby, so I am confident that it is useful information. While helping a friend, I spent over a dozen hours reviewing online reviews.

Each 1 page is carefully written to be a useful information site for those who are serious about permanent hair removal.

Please email me if you have any questions about hair loss.

I will answer as far as I understand ^^




If you have any questions, please let us know about it.



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