Pay attention to affiliate ads

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There seems to be no way to crack down on advertising using methods such as affiliate advertising.

It seems that some of the affiliates are using legal experiences, fake content, and hype, as if they were skillfully using their experiences like patients to get PR rewards.

Wakigabusters publishers have other



I'm running a site, which is also under investigation.


Is this hospital wrong with false treatment costs and treatment details (a clinic that conducts electrocoagulation exactly the same as the one guided here) at the site Wakigabusters? Intentionally? Introduced problem.

A complaint from a patient revealed that the information on this site was posted on this site and the link was posted without permission.


Moreover, I felt that the homepage for the treatment at the destination clinic was imitated by our hospital.


I am very worried that there will be no problems with the treatment given by the general manager or nurses for patients.

Please refer to the above site and contact our hospital if you have trouble.

The publisher seems to be doing medical consultations. If you have consulted, please let me know.


* There is no relationship between this hospital and the medical institutions, doctors, and secretaries introduced on this site. The electrocoagulation method, which is introduced in exactly the same way as our hospital, is another treatment method that is completely different. Please be careful.


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