The identity of Wakiga Busters

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The site of Wakigabusters, which had been up for about 3 years, was suddenly shut down for some reason when I pointed out a question on the blog.

There were many mysterious contents posted on this site, and we were investigating. Secretary's treatment, medical consultation, incorrect treatment cost posting, specific medical institution name ...

Finally, until the cache is deleted ...

However, all data on this site has been saved in various ways, including screenshots.

Currently, we are teaming up with experts to analyze the images, videos, texts, links, etc. of this site.

Who took the picture of who ...

I came to understand the amazing facts.



“[This site exclusive infiltration coverage] electrocoagulation side by side is a practical experience!



Wakiga Busters



The side action that has not been cut by the people of my side is attracting a great deal of attention in surgery [2nd choice] Shinjuku ● ● ● ● electrocoagulation method succeeded in exclusive infiltration coverage, if this happens, you can actually receive it! That's why I actually received treatment!


What are the actual costs, costs, and pain? Is n’t it really cut? What is the clinic like? Can you do it properly? And the effect is! ? I will tell you in detail, including videos taken during the actual treatment, etc.



Looking for Sakae Clinic staff


Recruiting reception / counselors and nurses

Would you like to help those who shine together!