What is the treatment for Espira hair treatment epilator?

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The site of Wakigaba Busters was operated by a publisher. It was closed the other day, but something amazing was reflected in this video.


Currently, we are conducting thorough analysis and investigation of the closed sites and related sites with a team of experts.


This site operator is a site specializing in hair removal https://永久脱毛ガイド.net/contact.html Medical consultation? It seems to be familiar with hair removal and hair removal techniques and hair removal equipment.

In other words, professional hair removal.

Esthetic hair removal, in other words, the distinction between waste hair treatment equipment and medical hair removal or medical equipment is recognized and its effectiveness is understood.

The publisher gave a strong recommendation to give up on the treatment of this device.




In the site called Wakiga Busters, it was clearly uploaded with a photo of the waste hair treatment device and clearly stated that it was used in electrocoagulation for treatment of wakiga. Medical treatment with Estemda hair treatment device.


After investigating this waste hair treatment device and contacting the manufacturer, it was stated that the manufacturer's staff could never be used for medical treatment such as the treatment of wakiga. It was said that its effectiveness could never be expected.



Sales ended in the 20 century? Another used hair treatment device for beauty salon was reflected.

If we proceed with the survey, are the manufacturers and sales companies already bankrupt? And does not exist.

I also found that it is sold at a low price of tens of thousands of yen in the esthetic equipment used market.



So this

Hinkel "Needle epilator UC-2"

Can only be obtained in second hand.
Wakiga treatment with used hair treatment equipment for esthetics? ? ?
This is an amazing treatment for the first time as a cosmetic surgeon.

Certainly, if this is an allowed act, it may be possible with cheap treatment costs.
There seems to be no dedicated needle.

We will continue to investigate this site that posted our hospital.
Many specific backgrounds are already known.

* Our hospital uses an EL method using medical equipment.
It has nothing to do with medical institutions that are introduced in our hospital and Wakigabusters. In addition, it is introduced with exactly the same treatment in Waikiga Buster Wakiga treatment method is also completely different.