Problems of Miradry retreatment

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Yesterday was a treatment for patients who had received Miradry treatment for distant treatment from a distance.

After the Miradry treatment, he was unable to sleep on the day due to severe pain.

It was said that the swelling was long and had no effect.

The EL method was greatly improved and satisfied.


However ... Scar tissue in the dermis is created and anesthesia is difficult. There is a part where the anesthesia is not effective enough during the operation, and a long treatment time is required.

Anesthesia is so painless that it does not feel pain, but unfortunately for patients who have undergone Miradry or who have undergone surgery, pain occurs during anesthesia.


Miradry treatment that can destroy the normal apocrine sweat gland by randomly destroying normal tissues is not expected to have a future.


Miradry is overwhelmingly ineffective and painful compared to the EL method, and the cost of treatment per 1 is high.

The fact that there are many facilities where nurses operate is probably one of the causes of poor effectiveness.


* There are facilities in Tokyo that use electrocoagulation as a treatment for wakiga and hyperhidrosis by imitating our homepage. The treatment method and equipment used are completely different from our hospital.