Has the video disappeared?

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A number of medical-related affiliate sites are being created and operated A corporation was operating A site called “Wakiga Busters” pointed out a problem on a blog, and the cache was deleted.

Medical consultation at the above site? Seems to have been done.


A site called “Wakiga Busters” was introduced from YouTube. It seems that all videos of electrocoagulation for treatment of wakiga and hyperhidrosis have also been deleted.

Regarding the video, it seemed unnatural for doctors to perform electrocoagulation equipment, procedures and anesthesia procedures.

Who is doing it?

It was deleted immediately after that.

Since it was pointed out on the site that it was exactly the same as the EL method of our hospital, it was necessary to clarify what was completely different, so we investigated and analyzed it. (Everything was completely different.)

This is a mysterious deletion without any request for deletion of the hospital or the site.


Since this Affiliator is an experienced person, have you taken all the videos? I don't know if it was done.

I'm surprised that videos and sites that have been published for several years will be removed.


* Medical institutions that use electrocoagulation as a treatment for wakiga in Tokyo are similar in content on the website, but are completely different from our hospital and have nothing to do with it.