Name lending case

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It seems that there are many cases where name lending is done at cosmetic surgery clinics, but there are cases where they are even arrested.


The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Life Environment Division violated medical law (12), a male doctor in Nagoya City and a male doctor in Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture (35) as a director of a cosmetic plastic surgery clinic in Tokyo. Etc.) I sent the documents on suspicion. According to the same section, they said, “I knew it was illegal, but I wanted money to open.”

According to the same department, two doctors have been accused of doing cosmetic surgery without qualification since 2009 since last year, when they were arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department in 11 last month. ) = Indicted for violating the Doctoral Law = and assumed office as the director of the clinic. Even though there was no actual work at the clinic, they received rewards of approximately 47 million yen and approximately 470 million yen, respectively, and were actually lending their names.

The doctors in Nagoya were suspected of neglecting the management duties as the director of the clinic from June 09 to April 11. Kuwana City doctor suspected that he was appointed as the director of the clinic without permission from the public health center from April to August of 11.


In order to perform responsible medical care, the position of director = doctor in charge = management founder = manager seems to be desirable.

It turns out that the treatment is carried out with the contents imitating a part of our homepage at a beauty clinic in Tokyo, but I am worried about the strange site contents of the affiliate who recommended this clinic.


* The EL method, or electrocoagulation method, which is performed at our hospital, is performed directly by medical specialists using medical equipment.