Wakiga cream

Clinic that performs electrocoagulation as a treatment for wakiga in Tokyo

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From the other day, we created a site that imitated our hospital with a blog, and investigated the clinics that conduct electrocoagulation with text that is mistaken for our hospital, and introduced the analysis results. I did it.


The existence of this clinic and closed problem site “Wakiga Busters” is due to continued complaints from patients.

Even if it is a claim, it is not a patient who was treated at this hospital.

The claim that the medical institution received the electrocoagulation method and had no effect at all.

The reason why our hospital continued to claim why the cost of treatment was high even though the treatment was exactly the same.


In our hospital, the treatment cost per 1 is set at a very low price compared to Mira Dry and View Hot without using a knife.

Moreover, it is not expensive to think about treatment effects and downtime as a specialist instead of a nurse.


Clinic for electrocoagulation in Tokyo


1: Promoted as being done by the office manager or nurse


2: The manufacturer clearly states that it has no effect. It uses second-hand beauty treatment equipment.


3: Unknown history of esthetic medical treatment by the director


4: Blood test is not performed


5: Taking a time-based medical treatment system that is impossible


6: Suddenly closing affiliate sites or deleting YouTube videos of electrocoagulation


7: Medical consultations that may violate the doctor's law of site operators introducing beauty clinics in Tokyo


8: Posting experiences


Everything is different as a medical practice? It is a treatment that can be considered.


* There is no relationship between our hospital and the Tokyo electrocoagulation clinic. Please be careful.