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Clinic where the secretary treats

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It was promoted when the secretary treated the armpit treatment. Multiple information was obtained from patients regarding clinics in Tokyo.

The patient coming from the Kanto area seems to have been scheduled for treatment at a clinic in Tokyo, but he seems to be suspicious when he sees the site content of Busters, and he seems to have stopped receiving treatment.

It is clear that it is created as a copy site just like our site, and I think that there are not a few patients who believe that the treatment is exactly the same with the guidance of the affiliate.


I am concerned that there will be no medical accidents at this clinic or that electrocoagulation will not be considered a questionable and problematic treatment.


Affiliate site that induces the secretary to treat with a used esthetic equipment that cannot be maintained has been closed. However, this Affiliator seems to be a problem AGA, hair loss, insomnia


We are running multiple medical related websites and are conducting medical consultations, and I am concerned that there will be no medical problems.