Aiming to win the Tokyo Olympic medals with PRP therapy

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Today, we expect medals at the Tokyo Olympics?2's PRP to Top Athletes in 1 The 90 Percent Pain Improved.

Aiming for perfect healing The 2 PRP therapy was performed before the season.

Jumper's knee was not enough practice, but if it is completely cured, the world ranking will be improved and the expectation of the Japan record update will increase.

It is certain that it will become a top-notch top athlete.

Future interviews etc. In the interview of the person, the reason for the early revival was able to talk with PRP therapy.



Details could not be introduced due to the patient's personal information, but the results will be released to the official soon with your consent.


The Sports Department of this hospital provides athlete support and conditioning with PRP therapy, orthopedic specialists, sports doctors, and physical trainers.