Comments from doctors ignorant of autonomic nerves

It takes about 2 minute to read this article.

I found the following blog.

It is a blog of a doctor who criticizes Dr. Matsumoto who was commented on daily sports ...

I was surprised at how irrelevant the reaction and ignorance of the autonomic nerves.


Some of my doctors specialize in treating a number of top athletes using an overseas machine that controls this autonomic disturbance.


I was introduced to me.

I don't use Cairo's treatment system, and the autonomic nervous system measurement system can be a standard device that has already been introduced to many university medical schools in Japan.

Is it okay for a scientist to see a doctor who has never even measured the autonomic nerve even criticizing other doctors? I had a doubt.

Although it has a great comment, it is humorous when viewed from an autonomic specialist.


Daily sports article. ([Expert's eyes] Kawasaki left for "autonomic nerve disease" ... Expected to recover, cure)thatA terrible answer about HPV vaccine (Daily at this time)Commented by Hirohiko Matsumoto, director of Matsumoto Clinic (Ashiya City, Hyogo)

> It can be said that this is one of the mental and physical illnesses for athletes who always require results.

Can autonomic ataxia be avoided? This is too strange because of the frequency.

> Some of my doctors specialize in treating many top athletes using an overseas machine that controls this disorder of autonomic nerves.

ProbablythisIs not it. It seems to be a method used in Cairo. Isn't it because I'm not a doctor? afterSomething like thisThere was also. Well, both of them smell real.



By the way, the system I use is not ridiculous. It is the world's most advanced system that has introduced the US Department of Defense and the Russian Space Development Organization.