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This hospital is the only facility where doctors directly perform treatment from the beginning to the end of the medical institution where electrocoagulation is performed for the treatment of hyperhidrosis.

The electrocoagulation method performed by nurses cannot be expected to be effective at first, and if it is used as a treatment, it may cause problems in the physician law.

There are clinics that are publicly publicized that electrocoagulation can be done in 15 million yen in Tokyo, but it can not take time for 80, and it is expected to be effective for treatment performed in such time I can say that there is absolutely nothing I can do.

Will it be difficult if electrocoagulation is performed for 80 time? Does it take a long time since no effect can be expected?

This may be because it is a self-proclaimed electrocoagulation method that does not use medical equipment and uses waste hair treatment equipment dedicated to beauty salons.

Recently, we have received multiple information from patients who have undergone surgery at a clinic that conducts electrocoagulation for 80 worth 15 10,000 yen. I am very worried.

ご 注意 く だ さ い.