Wakiga cream

Report of a clinic survey for electrocoagulation in Tokyo

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We are doing PR as if we are doing the same treatment at a cheap price by imitating our homepage at a clinic in Tokyo. We continue to conduct thorough investigations regarding problems.


We are very concerned that we can obtain information from multiple patients and vendors and that legitimate medical practices are being carried out at clinics in Tokyo.


Properly performed electrocoagulation is a safe and effective treatment for the treatment of wakiga and hyperhidrosis, but it can never be expected in medical practice without the use of medical devices.



I don't think it's worth it if it's cheap and there is a big risk and it doesn't work at all.


It will take a little more time for the whole picture to be elucidated, but the treatment that is time-based and the price is cheap is important for the treatment of side sweat and hyperhidrosis.

The reason why it is cheap is as reported so far.


The definition and content of the time system is ambiguous, and how much fee is required It is undeniable that treatment that does not know in advance can be enormously expensive.