Wakiga cream

Wakiga treatment is not?

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Trusting the Affiliator's site, which is exactly the same treatment as the EL method performed in this hospital, it was said that the electrocoagulation method of the clinic in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo was ineffective and it was said that there were no 2 things on the phone from the patient It will be considered.

1: An act called treatment with a used cheap Estemda hair treatment device → Fraud

2: Medical practice performed by unqualified persons → Violation of the Doctoral Law


If esthetic action is referred to as treatment and wakiga is cured, treatment will deceive the patient Scam

The manufacturer's representative asserts that electro-coagulation can never be done with this used beauty treatment device.

Violation of the Doctoral Law if an amateur performs medical practice

In any case, there is a fact that some patients are already damaged and dissatisfied.

Although it seems that the site imitating the homepage of our hospital is still posted and it is publicly promoted, I am worried about my side and hyperhidrosis. I strongly hope that the patient will not be damaged. The