The electrocoagulation lie

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Aside from Tokyo, electrocoagulation has been performed for the treatment of hyperhidrosis. There were several cases where there was consultation at the clinic that there was no effect at all.

There are many patients who are misunderstood as the same treatment because they were advertised as exactly the same as our hospital.


Therefore, I analyzed the description of this clinic's HP.


In the electrocoagulation method, after local anesthesia, a microneedle (our original insulated needle) is directly inserted into the hair root for several millimeters from the pores. First, it causes thermal destruction of sweat glands, eculien wires, and sebaceous glands at the same time. The original apocrine gland and the echlien line of the sweat gland below the pore where the needle was stabbed coagulates, so those suffering from hyperhidrosis can simultaneously reduce the amount of sweat and be satisfied enough Have obtained


First of all, you can confirm that the contents of this website are medically impossible.


・ Our original insulating needles ... To make original insulating needles must clear many difficult problems such as hygiene, durability and compatibility with the equipment used. is.

Moreover, this clinic has been discontinued and has been widely promoted as a photographer using a cheap second-hand Estemda hair treatment device as a treatment device.

The corresponding needle has already been discontinued.

In other words, it is not possible to produce only an insulating needle.


・ 5 seconds It is stated that high frequency is passed through the insulation needle, but 0.4 to 0.5 seconds with our medical treatment equipment and insulation needle

If the power is applied for 5 seconds, the insulator will be destroyed. Or skin burns cause necrosis of the skin rather than treatment.

Even if a weak output current is applied for 5 seconds, the temperature at which the needle contacts the tissue does not exceed 65 degrees, so protein coagulation never occurs. If protein coagulation does not occur, the sweat glands cannot be destroyed, so an effect cannot be expected.


From this sentence

An electrocoagulation method that is terribly dangerous and causes skin burns? It is assumed that either the method is performed or the ineffectiveness is referred to as the electrocoagulation method.


Although amateur patients are confused by this description, it can be judged that it is impossible to see from a professional eye.

This is a question of whether electrocoagulation is really done.