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Aside from recurrence after Miradry treatment

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More than half of the patients who visited our hospital for consultation on wakiga and hyperhidrosis had undergone surgery, miradry, and view hot treatment at other clinics. It will be a scar consultation where the scar remains.

Relapse therapy is more difficult than the first treatment.

The reason for this is that scar formation is present in both treatments, and it is difficult to smoothly inject needles during anesthesia, making anesthesia less effective.

Miradry is a treatment that causes a lot of burns to the skin, including the epidermis, and this tendency becomes stronger than surgery, and many patients with scarring are visited.

No pain, no downtime, no swelling, a permanent effect in 1 times, etc. The ugly phrase of treatment is very questionable, and at least it can be asserted that it is impossible even if considered medically The

I am forced to be amazed at the current situation where Miradry, which is more prone to swelling and pain after surgery, is being promoted like a magical treatment.

In addition, I think that the nurse performing Miradry treatment itself should not be an act that is far from the original medical treatment.