Consultation after view hot treatment

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In recent years, treatment called view hot has been widely promoted as a treatment for wakiga and hyperhidrosis.

I think that it is not a PR that seems to be exaggerated, such as almost completely cured by 1 times, but recently consultations of patients after View Hot treatment are almost everyday.

There was an ugly scar, no effect at all ...

In any case, patient satisfaction seems to be low treatment.


If view hot is performed 6-10 times, the effectiveness should increase.

It is assumed that there are a number of problems because we are expecting a big effect in 1 times.

Although it is possible to treat limbs and areola, as a specialist, it is unlikely that the case will be completely cured in 1 times.

The manufacturer should have not told the introductory medical institution that most will be cured in 1 times.

Patients who are considering receiving view hot treatment should be careful not to regret after surgery.