Advertising for treatment of hypertension

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Many medical institutions have been advertising for the treatment of hyperhidrosis, but ... cures 95% in 1 times.

And hype stands out.

95% cure in 1 times is absolutely impossible medically. If this advertisement is true, I will quit the doctor immediately.



There is no worry of recurrence, and a semi-permanent effect is sustained .... There is a clinic in Nagoya, too.

The content is completely misunderstood in Japanese.


It is recommended that patients who are suffering from recurrent or scarred Miradry or View Hot visit from all over the country should carefully consider treatment for hyperhidrosis.

It will be difficult to cure in 1 times unless it is performed in-patient surgery and a major operation is performed.


The EL method can be expected to have a permanent and great effect even 1 times, but it does not surely cure with 1 times. Of course, the permanent treatment effect per 1 times can be guaranteed to be definitely greater than Mira Dry and View Hot.


Moreover, unlike Mira Dry and View Hot, you can expect a permanent effect, not semi-permanent.


We recommend that you choose a treatment so that you are not confused by the advertisement and do not regret it carefully.