Problems of view hot treatment

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Consultation of patients suffering from ugly burn scars due to view hot treatment has increased.

Not only can you not feel the effect at all, but there are also amazing bruises and post-inflammation pigmentation, and patients who have been stopped to the heart.


An inquiry was made to an import agent for View Hot Treatment Equipment.

I was relieved that I could get the following response by e-mail because I could not be in such a miserable state.


The manufacturer seems to be making every effort to spread the right treatment.


However, the expression that hype is widespread and there are no scars, and 90% to 95% of patients are satisfied with the 1 view hot treatment is difficult to think medically. It is hard to believe that such a result has been obtained in a continuous facility.


If more than 90-95% of patients are feeling really satisfied with 1 view hot treatments, I will immediately discontinue EL. It is necessary to rethink the concept of treatment.


If such an effect can actually be expected, the skin of the eyelid will be in a state close to necrosis, and it is highly likely that an ugly scar will remain, and it will be a high-risk treatment that can never be recommended.

In addition, the long-term prognosis has not been confirmed, and the doctors who have never seen a therapeutic effect have questioned themselves.

Rather than having problems with ViewHot equipment, a doctor or nurse performing the procedure? There seems to be a problem with the technology and skills of, and trouble seems to occur.


As long as there are medical institutions that continue the hype, I am concerned that patients suffering from burn scars after View Hot treatment will never stop.


Questions and discussions are welcomed from the parties concerned and doctors regarding View Hot.


There is a risk of crusting and pigmentation if used according to the normal protocol,

I believe that severe burn marks are unlikely to occur.

In addition, since the surface uses a cooling plate, the risk of burns seems to be low.



However, due to the nature of needle RF, you may be familiar with Suetake-sensei.

By separating the handpiece from the axilla while RF is generated from the tip of the insulated needle,

There is a possibility of burning to the surface of the skin.



In addition, since the RF output level and needle depth can be set freely,

The above risks are further increased by applying high power to shallow layers.



Introducing the facility, the precautions and protocol when using it,

It is also true that treatment can be performed with unique settings.


As an import agent, we also have study sessions and discussion meetings to improve treatment (not only prioritizing effects,

We will continue to make utmost efforts in order to minimize the risk.

What can be asserted is that the permanent effect of 1 EL method is not inferior to 1 view hot treatment.