Does View Hot work on hand sweat and face sweat?

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Until now, there has been no effective treatment for patients with hyperhidrosis such as palms, soles of the face, and face.


Unfortunately, unlike Wakiya and Suso, we have only BOTOX injections.

The EL method cannot be applied to the palm or face.


But ... View Hot is used to treat these areas!

The patients who are treated with View Hot, such as palms and faces, visit with outrageous burn scars.

When you contact the import agency manufacturer, the manufacturer does not recommend anything.

In other words, it was a doctor's discretion, and I heard that no risks or effects were actually confirmed.


In other words, the palm and soles of the feet are not only confirmed to be effective for view hot, but there is a risk of leaving scary burn scars forever.


I don't think I should go to the palm of my hand, the back of my feet, or the back of my feet so that I don't have disastrous treatment results.