Wakiga cream

Wakiga treatment in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Please pay attention to the electrocoagulation method.

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There is a medical institution in Tokyo that has the same treatment as electrolysis and coagulation.

Several serious problems have arisen from patients treated at this medical institution.


The director is not sure whether the beauty experience is complete and the person in charge of treatment is also a nurse or secretary.

Moreover, the treatment device is not a medical device but an old-style needle epilator for esthetics.


Such a device will never give a satisfactory therapeutic effect.

If this facility conducts a large-scale PR called electrolysis / coagulation, it is not effective, and if trouble occurs, the real effect and safety of the original electrolysis / coagulation method may be denied. We are.


In that medical institution


ElectrocoagulationAfter local anesthesia, a microneedle (our original insulated needle) needle is directly inserted into the hair root for a few millimeters from the pore, and a high frequency of 5 seconds is applied to generate odor at the same time as the hair root. It causes thermal destruction of eculien wire and sebaceous gland at the same time.
(* In the case of 40 for one side, it is straightforward without loss time while flowing high frequency for 5 seconds.About 400 times, stab from end to end, not random.) The original apocrine gland and the echlien line of the sweat gland under the pores where the needle was stabbed coagulates, so those suffering from hyperhidrosis can simultaneously reduce the amount of sweat.Satisfactory enough therapeutic effectHas been obtained.


If heat is generated by flowing high frequency for 5 seconds, the epidermis will surely burn and an ugly scar will remain.

I can say that this is not possible for me as a specialist in treating hyperhidrosis.


You can feel the effect in 3,4 days after treatment. → It is impossible. It is a problem if you cannot feel the effect right after that.
At this medical institution, if the general secretary had previously performed an operation, it would be considered to be a violation of the Doctoral Law. was doing. In addition, there is a fact that PR that is impossible for a medical institution such as listing used esthetic equipment and treating using low-priced machines instead of medical equipment was flashyly performed at affiliate sites.
*Please be careful.