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Treatment for blind patients

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A blind patient is coming from Hyogo Prefecture.


It was already the 3 visit, but when I made a reservation, I was not told that I was completely blind, so I knew when I first came to the clinic that I took a bus for a few hours alone and went to Nagoya by Shinkansen. I came to the clinic building by taxi and learned the fact that I was able to come alone to the 2 floor by elevator, and I was astonished and filled with deep gratitude.


It was acupuncture treatment, but the EL method was chosen and it was intuitive that it was really good.

Even though there are many famous clinics in the Kansai area, such as Mira Dry and View Hot, there are treatments that do not use scalpels.


Even though I have a wonderful personality and have been an educator, I have a congenital glaucoma and I can't have sight for a lifetime. I am a bright and nice person. Thank you.


My mother was also blind so I can understand the feelings and limitations of daily life.

I was treated with all my heart and heart.

On the way back, I sent my car to Nagoya Station and guided me to a place where I could purchase a ticket.

I had sweets as a souvenir.

I have no words ...


Thank you all!