Wakiga cream

Wrench treatment advertising

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If you search on the Internet, you will see advertisements for wakiga and hyperhidrosis in many medical institutions.

Among them, there is an advertisement that cannot be seen as medical common sense that laser therapy treats wakiga and hyperhidrosis.


If you don't actually irradiate the laser and are taking other treatments, it ’s not a hype, it ’s a clear false ad.


Laser treatments have not been evaluated for the treatment of wakiga and hyperhidrosis, and such medical ineffectiveness has not been confirmed. Consultations on relapses and ineffective cases from medical institutions that have been treated Many have been received.


Laser is what leads to change in response to a specific color is light of a single wavelength to the organism.

It is impossible to irradiate to damage the sweat glands that exist in the subcutaneous area of ​​wakiga / hyperhidrosis.


So why are some of the medical institutions that have issued false advertisements to cure wakiga and hyperhidrosis with lasers?


某 Medical institutions seem to be using lasers, but their effectiveness is skeptical.


In medical institutions that are advertised flashy, treatments such as View Hot and Mira Dry are performed with laser irradiation and advertisements to catch patients with errors.


Laser = latest


Since the word “latest” cannot be used, the word “laser” is used instead to emphasize the latest image.


Miradry and view hot treatments, which are much less effective and more effective than the EL method.

Needless to say, EL is not a suspicious treatment like laser treatment.


I affirm that laser therapy will never permanently improve my aspiration and hyperhidrosis.