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Similar acts at a beauty clinic in Shinjuku

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There are a lot of treatments for armpits and hyperhidrosis, but only surgery or EL is the only way to expect a permanent effect.

However, there is a facility where the EL method is also called electrocoagulation decomposition method and similar treatment is being carried out in a beauty clinic in Tokyo.

There have been multiple consultations from patients that this facility was not effective.


1: Is it a doctor?

2: Is the device used for treatment a medical device?

3: Is the director unknown?

4: Is the person in charge of opening the management the same as the director?

5: Is there no problem with hygiene? → Even blood tests are not performed.

6: Flashy advertising

7: Is there a false advertisement using an affiliate?




There are doubts.


It ’s very important who is in charge of treatment. Are you a nurse or a secretary? Are you a specialist?


If you choose only the name of the treatment, you will regret it.

It is recommended that you carefully select your treatment for wakiga and hyperhidrosis.