View hot treatment re-treatment

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Almost every day, we are re-treating View Hot and Mira Dry treatments for treatment of stagnation and hyperhidrosis.

Miradry, exaggerated view hot? There are many patients who are suffering from brutal burn scars that have no effect at all and can be treated by believing that 1 times seem to be completely cured.


Miradry, View Hot treatment can never permanently cure stagnation or hyperhidrosis with 1 times, and 90-95% of patients will never be satisfied with 1 treatment. There is no.

If the advertisement is true, I will quit my doctor immediately.


I'm surprised that there are so many re-treatments that are not effective at all.



After Mira Dry or View Hot treatment, anesthesia becomes difficult due to scarring under the dermis.

Originally, there is no strong pain during anesthesia, but there are many cases in which pain is strong after Mira Dry or View Hot.


I want to avoid retreatment as much as possible ...


Previously it was permanently and greatly publicized.


Recently, it has been changed to semi-permanent (temporary).


Considering the current situation where there are not many facilities where nurses perform treatment, it cannot be said to be a very good treatment.


In any case, the EL method is the only reliable treatment for patients who want a permanent effect.