Wakiga cream

After Miradry

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In the treatment of wakiga The patient who wants to re-treat after Mira Dry will not stop.

Not only did it not receive any effect from Miradry, but there were still scars left, severe pain that lasted for several days, and I felt so much pain and trouble that I could not sleep.


In particular, there seem to be many medical institutions where nurses perform their treatment with their arms.


Can nurses do Miradry treatment?


I think that it is a gray zone as close to black as possible.


Even if it is under the supervision of a doctor using a medical device, the doctor does not actually perform the examination and monitoring during the treatment, but presses the probe of the Miradry device that releases heat energy enough to cause burns to the skin. I think it would be a problem if the mentor would treat you ...


Unlike hair loss and skin treatment, if you treat odor with a device called Miradry, which is a clear disease, would you violate the Doctoral Law? I think.


Many of the patients who came to our hospital were treated with Miradry by a nurse rather than a doctor.


In our hospital, reception and nurses will never perform treatment.


The counseling, examination and treatment are responsible from start to finish, and I, the director of the specialist, will do all the treatment.


Rather than relying on nurses or relying on machines, it is a legitimate beauty treatment that an experienced specialist carefully treats and treats.


Miradry treatment ・ ・ ・ Please note who is in charge of the treatment.