View hot recurrence

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As for the treatment of hyperhidrosis, a lot of treatments can be selected now, but the only treatment that can confirm that the permanent effect can be confirmed and the effect can be maintained forever is EL method and surgery. .

Every day, we receive consultations from patients who have been treated for view hot, mira dry, hyperhidrosis, and who have relapsed or no effect at all.

Not only does View Hot have any effect, but there are many patients who suffer from scarring after scarring, which is quite ugly.

Some people have received View Hot treatment for 3 degrees and paid a total treatment cost of more than 100 10,000 yen. Those who were not effective at all and who are suffering from scarring are also visiting for retreatment.


It is unlikely that treatment with ViewHot will have a permanent effect in 1 times, and it can never be said that downtime is less compared to EL methods.


If you receive treatment easily, you will regret your life, and you will need to consider your treatment carefully.


If there are doctors who have a permanent effect on 1 view hot treatments, I would like to discuss directly about how to treat odor.

I would appreciate it if you could contact me.


It is not theoretically selective and causes serious damage to normal skin, and it is difficult for the treatment with View Hot to be able to be completely cured in 1 times. I am able to declare with confidence that I have been treated.