Recurrence of surgery for hypertension

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Every day, we received a consultation about recurrence that was treated for the treatment of wakiga and hyperhidrosis.

Recently, the temperature has risen and it has become a season for sweat.


Many patients suffer from wakiga and hyperhidrosis.

At present, various treatments are being promoted with emphasis on their merits, but unfortunately the only treatment that can be expected to have a permanent effect in all cases is the EL method.


Semi-permanent means a temporary effect because a permanent effect cannot be expected.


Surgery can also be performed over a wide area. If the sweat glands are firmly pruned, a permanent effect can be expected. However, as with cosmetic surgery, a narrow area has been processed in an outpatient setting. It has recurred without any problems.


Surgery was a cosmetic surgeon's crying operation because many risks are inevitable, such as blood formation, mass formation, ceroma formation, contracture, necrosis, pigmentation, scarring.


Is it a scar or an effect? ? ?


These risks are dramatically increased when the eyes are pruned.


Even if surgery is prepared, fixation and subsequent care are difficult, and we believe that good results will not be obtained unless we are an experienced specialist.


In the past, there were many consultations on recurrence treatment of surgery, but recently, surgery has not been carried out considerably, and consultations on recurrence after treatment such as Mira Dry and View Hot have become most.


I feel it is less effective than surgery.

In other words, there were many cases where there was no effect at all, and there were cases where only ugly scars remained after paying treatment costs of 100 10,000 yen or more.


It is impossible to expect a big effect in 1 times with any treatment.

This is common sense for specialists who have treated many wakiga / hyperhidrosis and confirmed the long-term prognosis. I am amazed at the fact that there are not a few medical institutions that have my doctors behave.


We hope that patients who read this blog will be able to afford a second opinion before receiving treatment so that they will not regret it.