Regenerative medicine outpatient

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So far, we have been engaged in regenerative medicine outpatients in the beauty and sports fields, but we have started regenerative medicine outpatients to assist in the treatment of various diseases.


In PRP therapy, we have been conducting clinical research in the sports field for many years as the facility that treats the most top athletes in Japan.

In the cosmetics field, we have been using regenerative medicine for many years, including PRP therapy and adipose stem cell supernatant for hair growth, beautiful skin, sports injuries, etc., but further advanced treatment using stem cell supernatant of deciduous dental pulp Started.


Many cases showed significant improvement in paralysis and dementia after cerebral infarction, and it was possible to improve the medical conditions that had been given up.


Alzheimer's dementia, cerebral infarction, paralysis after stroke, neuropathy, etc.


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