I tried nasal drop of deciduous dental pulp stem cell supernatant.

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Deciduous tooth pulp stem cell supernatant, nasal drop.
Many clinics that have been introduced are around 10 million yen, and infusions from 10 to 15 million yen. Although it is expensive, stem cell infusion costs about 200 to 250 10,000 yen, so it is a treatment that can be expected to be quite effective at the cost of 20.

Unlike direct infusion of cultured stem cells, it can be done immediately, with no risk of pulmonary embolism, and no nasal cancer.

A pulmonary embolism accident has not surfaced due to stem cell infusion, and it has actually happened recently.


The supernatant fluid has been confirmed to be quite effective for dementia and paralysis after cerebral infarction, and clinical effects on rheumatoid arthritis, atopic dermatitis, and cirrhosis are also being confirmed.
So far, we have used adipose stem cell-derived supernatant to treat in the beauty and sports fields, but we have confirmed that it has been changed to a cytokine-rich milk dental pulp stem cell culture supernatant rich in cytokines to suppress inflammation. The