Problems after Miradry treatment

Today, a patient who has undergone multiple Miradry treatments and has no effect at all visited us for retreatment.

Miradry has been introduced by many medical institutions because of its high-tech treatment, but what about the situation?

Of course, there may be patients who are satisfied with the effect, but recently, there has been a rapid increase in the number of consultations on recurrence, so we are telling you that it takes time to carefully consider the choice of treatment.

I examined patients who had been treated so far and summarized the problems.

1: It was said that there was no pain in the advertisement, but the pain that I couldn't sleep actually lasted for 2-3 days

2: The swelling at the treatment site was severe, and it was impossible to close the heel firmly for several days.

3: Marks like burns remained after surgery

4: All was not a doctor but a nurse

5: Because I couldn't pay for the treatment at once, I was medically loaned, but I was surprised by the high interest rate.

6: No effect at all (I could only feel the effect for 3 months)

7: Received 2 Miradry treatment, but was not effective at all, so received the 3 treatment, but suffered severe pain because the anesthesia was too painful

8: Numbness of arms remained for a long time

9: Anesthesia was injected many times during a long procedure, and I felt very sick during the procedure.

10: Previously, a clinic that had undergone Miradry performed consultations on recurrence saying that Miradry was a little inferior, and treatment called View Hot was recommended.