Appropriate treatment for the fighter's laceration!

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Technology as a cosmetic surgeon is used to treat athletes' skin injuries.

He has treated more than hundreds of athletes whose facial skin has been cut in boxing and kickboxing matches.

Perhaps one of the few doctors in Japan that has treated a professional professional.


The most important thing for the players is to prevent the old wounds from cutting again and losing TKO.

To that end, the current situation is that a procedure that is not sufficient with sutures in general surgery is being performed.


There is a lot of knowledge that players, gym chairs and trainers must know.


At present, there are not many doctors who can properly treat skin trauma in consideration of athletes.


I summarized the points of treatment.



1: Do not disinfect the wound

2: Thoroughly clean the wound so that no foreign matter enters it, then wash it with tap water, and then wash it with physiological saline at medical institutions.

3: Do not sew too much stitches → If blood circulation worsens, there is a higher risk of suture failure or infection

4: Do not create dead space → If the blood is collected inside, it will cause infection.


5: Do not apply gauze or sophratur to the suture layer

6: On the day, the wound is lightly pressed to stop hemostasis and blood formation


7: Wet therapy with wound dressing on the stitched scar