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Is view hot treatment effective 1 times?

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The number of consultations on the condition of warmth and hyperhidrosis is increasing rapidly. Among them, there are many consultations regarding conditions such as recurrence and ineffectiveness after treatment with View Hot.


There are medical institutions that are doing PR like 1 times, but it seems to be quite different from the manufacturer's view that sells this device.

The manufacturers that sell View Hot are fairly solid and carefully accumulate clinical data, hold seminars and strive to create treatment techniques and protocols. It seems that there are not a few.


Consultation with a patient suffering from an ugly scar continued, so I told the manufacturer that it was caused by a complicated treatment by a problem medical institution.


The manufacturer never thinks that it will be completely cured in 1 times, and always seeks a careful and effective treatment method and provides information to medical institutions.


There are many cases in which there are many cases where the nurses are in charge of all treatments, and there are many cases that have no effect at all, or there are ugly scars and problems are occurring.


Can nurses use View Hot to treat?

Can nurses acquire skills to achieve correct treatment results?


I am very doubtful.

We believe that medical practice and treatment are the common sense of medical care that the doctor in charge of counseling and examination takes responsibility from the beginning to the end.

I don't think there should be discounts, miscellaneous medical practices, or forced medical care loans to encourage treatment.