Keep your tear bags in check

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Many entertainers are making tear bags artificially, and there is an increasing need for petit shaping of tear bags.

Hyaluronic acid is injected into the edge of the eyelid of the lower eyelid, and this amount and position is a very important point.

There are many cases where it is injected too much and looks like a slug, is biased to the inner part, or has an unnatural shape.


Instead of just injecting hyaluronic acid, the patient's eye size and balance need to be accurately determined based on the condition of the lower eyelid.


This injection technique has many years of experience and is very different from the discounted injection technique.

Aim for 100 points, not 80 perfect results.

If not enough, add additional injections.

This idea produces natural and reliable results without risk.

Be careful not to put too much inside.

The tear bag for the monitor was completed naturally.