Wakiga treatment is a deduction for medical expenses?

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Bad odor is a disease and is eligible for medical expenses.

Even if you receive treatment at your own expense, if you have a receipt from a medical institution, you will be surely eligible for medical expenses and will receive a refund based on the tax payment.

In addition to medical expenses, transportation expenses to medical institutions for treatment are fully deducted from medical expenses if public transportation is used.


We always issue a receipt to inform the patient that the treatment for wakiga at this hospital is subject to medical expenses deduction.

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As a general rule, treatment of stagnation is covered by medical expenses, including the cost of going to a medical institution using public public transportation.

(Medical expense deduction) [Heisei 27 year 4 month 1 date law etc.]

1 Medical Expenditure Overview

If you pay medical expenses for yourself or a spouse or other relative who lives with you, you can receive a certain amount of income deduction. This is called medical expenses deduction.

2 Medical Cost Requirements for Medical Expenses

(1) Medical expenses paid by taxpayers for their spouses or other relatives who live together with themselves.

(2) Medical expenses paid between 1 month 1 day and 12 month 31 day of the year.

3 Amount eligible for medical expenses deduction

The amount subject to medical expenses deduction is the amount calculated by the following formula (up to 200 10,000 yen). (Total amount of medical expenses actually paid-(1) amount)-(2) amount

(1) Amount covered by insurance money
(Example) Hospitalization benefits paid under a life insurance contract, etc., large-scale medical expenses / family medical expenses / lump-sum allowance for childbirth, etc.
(Note) Amounts covered by insurance claims will be deducted up to the amount of medical expenses that were the purpose of the benefit, so even if an amount that cannot be withdrawn occurs, it will be deducted from other medical expenses not.

(2) 10 10,000 yen (Note) If the total income amount of the year is less than 200 10,000 yen, the total income amount is 5%

Procedure for receiving 4 deduction

Please submit a final tax return that describes matters related to medical expenses deduction to the head of the local tax office. Documents certifying medical expenses, such as receipts, should be attached to the final tax return or presented when submitting the final tax return.

In addition, please attach a withholding slip (original) of salary income if you have salary income. Medical expenses subject to medical expenses deductions [laws as of 27 month 4 year of Heisei 1 year] Medical expenses subject to medical expenses deductions are as follows, and are generally paid according to their medical conditions It is the amount of money that does not exceed significantly.

Consideration for medical treatment or treatment by a doctor or dentist (however, the cost of medical examinations and rewards for doctors etc. are not included in principle.) Consideration for the purchase of medicines required for treatment or medical treatment (the following costs) In order to receive medical assistance, treatment, treatment or assistance by a doctor etc. directly

(1) Usually required for hospital fees for doctors, pick-up fees for doctors, etc., room and meal costs for hospitalization, purchase of medical equipment such as corsets, and rent Things (however, petrol fee and parking fee are not included when going to the hospital by private car)

In order to receive the 1 medical expenses deduction, it is necessary to attach or present a receipt to prove the payment to the final tax return. (If you submit a final tax return by e-Tax, you can enter and send the medical expenses receipt, etc. instead of submitting or presenting it. You can request submission or presentation of these documents to confirm the input contents for 5 years from the final tax return date. If you do not respond to these, you have submitted or presented these documents when submitting the final tax return It will not be a thing.)

reference:Excerpt from the NTA website