The future of PRP therapy

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Already about 15 years have passed since PRP therapy.

In the beauty field, there are papers and research that question the effectiveness of PRP, but I think the effectiveness is certain clinically.

However, it is also true that the perceived effectiveness of the cost effectiveness issue has become inferior compared to other treatments.

In our hospital, PRP therapy for cosmetic purposes is no longer performed at all, but it can be expected to have a remarkable effect in the sports field, and offers and inquiries from many famous top athletes from all over the country are rapidly increasing.

It does not dope, and is an extremely effective treatment for tendon and ligament damage.


A dedicated website for athletes has also been created to provide patients with all kinds of information.


The Sports Clinic is being implemented as one of the most advanced medical treatments together with many orthopedic specialists with a proven track record of PRP therapy.

The knowledge and skills gained through many years of experience in cosmetic surgery and cosmetic medicine, as well as safety and techniques are fully utilized.

In the sports field, I will continue to support many athletes by implementing PRP therapy.

Thank you.