Difficulty of treatment after view hot

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There is a rapid increase in the number of patients who can receive view hot treatment due to wakiga and hyperhidrosis and have no effect.

The theory of inserting a needle into the skin and destroying sweat glands with high-frequency heat energy is the same for both View Hot treatment and EL method, but the major difference is that View Hot treatment causes significant damage to normal tissues and is important for apocrine sweat glands. It means that it has very little effect on destruction.

Since there is no selectivity at all, by applying energy that blindly shoots a machine gun, a large amount of damage is left on the skin that does not need to be damaged.

The EL method is a careful treatment that selects and targets the target like a rifle and suppresses damage to the skin as much as possible. There is no risk of an ugly burn scar like view hot, and there is almost no pain after surgery.


The skin of patients who have received View Hot treatment is very hard and often anesthetized, time consuming and very painful.

In addition, local anesthesia does not infiltrate with the subcutaneous scar caused by View Hot treatment, which means that anesthesia is ineffective.


In other words, patients who have received view hot treatment may not only be effective, but may be difficult to re-treat.


Before choosing a treatment method, we recommend that you consult with a doctor who has experience in treating wagga and hyperhidrosis and who can treat the specialty or relapse.


Almost every day The view hot treatment has not been recurred or is not effective.


The biggest drawback of the EL method is that it is difficult to cure completely in 1 times, but there is no treatment that can be completely cured in 1 times. The risk is too great to be realistic.


Doctors who have been involved in the treatment of all kinds of wakiga can say that medically questionable treatments that completely cure wakiga at 1 degrees are not recommended for patients.


As I read this blog and read the ad, if there is a doctor who claims to cure Wakuga surely without pain and scars after treatment of 1 times on View Hot, I would like to talk to you at any time think.