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Waki is a cure, is Miradry really painless?

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Consultation on re-treatment is increasing rapidly because it is treated with Miradry and no recurrence or effect is observed.

Most of the patients who were treated with Miradry had severe pain, the skin of the eyelids swelled for more than 1 weeks, I could not sleep satisfactorily because of pain, I was taking painkillers for so much pain ... etc.


Miradry treatment is often accompanied by painless treatment in advertising and PR

In fact, it is certain that this is a very painful treatment.


The patient who had the surgery first, relapsed and received Miradry was described as being surprised by pain more than 10 times the surgery.


Why is Miradry treatment so painful?


Pain is stronger than surgery.


The reason is because it is a treatment that causes burns to normal skin.


The reason why the EL method does not cause pain at all after surgery is that it is a thermal effect at the point, and on the other hand, Miradry treatment has a large thermal effect on the whole skin ... that is, normal skin, causing burns.


Definitely the most painful of all the treatments is the strongest treatment.


Patients who are said to have received Miradry treatment and felt no pain at all are expected to have weak power and possibly no effect at all.


It is also true that there are severe burns, no effect at all, and considerable problems at medical institutions where nurses are performing treatments.

As soon as I read the contents of this blog, Miradry is a treatment that has no pain and no downtime as I advertised.


It is not so easy to permanently and reliably destroy apocrine sweat glands and eccrine sweat glands with 1 treatments, and it can be said that it is quite difficult to achieve complete cure with Miradry treatments 1 times.

Moreover, it is extremely rare for a nurse to complete a cure.


It is recommended that you treat your side with hyperhidrosis under a specialist who has experienced many surgeries.