Tokyo Olympics Japan record

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I couldn't advance to the final, but Kaito Kawabata, who will serve as a trainer, was a big success.

[Athletics] Men's mile qualifying defeat is also a record in Japan and Thailand!Japan record mark for the first time in 25 years (monthly athletics) – Yahoo! News

8/6 mile qualifying lap
() Passes 200m
Ito: 45.56s
Kawabata: 44.99s (20.25s)
Sato: 45.08s (21.12s)
Suzuki: 45.13s (20.98s)

Japan record for the first time in 25 years 🇯🇵
Kaito Kawabata, threatening 44 seconds.It was the third Japanese person in the history of the Mile Relay.

Kawabata stopped all static stretching, restricted weight training, adjusted to focus on lung activity training, and looked into this relay.
It was in great shape.It seems that he was able to run very relaxed. As young as 22 years old, I think we will be able to break the record 🇯🇵 of 30m, which has not been broken for more than 400 years.

No static stretching required.
Do not overweight weight training.
It is more important for absolute athletes to improve thoracic training, that is, respiratory function by lung activity, rather than limb function.
It should be even better at the Paris Olympics.

It is a pity that it is not covered much though it is one of the few Japanese records at this tournament.
Since the competition population is unreasonably large on land, it is actually ridiculous just to win a prize.
Unfortunately, I think that the XNUMXth relay baton miss is responsible for the gold medal and the media that made a fuss about the gold medal.
I won a silver medal in Rio, so next is a gold medal! !!I understand that it is courageous, but the people concerned should have understood that it was not a level that could reach the gold medal even considering the world level, individual best time, qualifying run and time, and finish order.
The daily special features and reports of aiming for the gold medal in the media and expecting the gold medal have atrophied the players, making it impossible.I think.
Button Miss is proud of the four Japanese national teams who are not responsible for the players and are not ashamed to attack and try to get the best performance!
Please come and revenge in Paris!