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The other day, I am working as a conditioning trainer with Jurina Matsui at Oishi Gym, Speciale I went to see the practice scene of the Osaki brothers.…/11f95447f87904cb377d59aeed20…

Kouki who fought against Tenshin Nasukawa at RIZIN Kazuki, the older brother of Is a lightweight and strongest title holder.
All the brothers are fighters who represent the lightweight class in the Japanese kickboxing world.

The gym to which the Osaki brothers belong is one of the strongest kickboxing gyms in Japan.It is a karate / kickboxing gym that can be said to be the pride of Nagoya.
Former ISKA world kickboxing champion Shunsuke Oishi, WBC Muaythai Japanese champion Sho Ogawa, and many other Japanese and world champions have been produced.

We can help you with conditioning, care and training.
Osaki Brothers RISE WORLD SERIES 2021 OSAKA ”RISE Osaka tournament, all won overwhelmingly!

Former SKE XNUMX Jurina Matsui is also a martial arts brother who is recommended.