Shizuoka International Champion

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I am instructing thoracic training.Land-running high jump Takashi Eto won the Shizuoka International Athletics Championship yesterday with a good record of XNUMX meters and XNUMX centimeters.
Eto, the representative of Japan for the Rio Olympics, will challenge the standard record of XNUMX meters and XNUMX centimeters, aiming for the representative of the Tokyo Olympics.
If you break the standard record, you can aim for a prize at the Olympics.

Smoothing the movement of the thorax stabilizes the aerial posture and controls the body so that it does not touch the bar.
Chest training is an effective training method even for high jump athletes.In combination with the breathing method, you will be able to control the autonomic nerves, and you will be able to relax and watch the game under tension.

I gave detailed guidance the day before the match, and I was able to face the match in excellent condition.
We pray for breaking the standard record and winning the Japan Championships.