Get a medal at the Tokyo Olympics!

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Today at Chukyo University OB, Tokyo Olympic Swimming Japan Representative Takeshi Kawamoto and Akira Namba was blessed with the opportunity to provide guidance on lung activity and thoracic training for athletes.
Shinji Aoto was introduced by the director of the track and field club at Chukyo University.As Kawabata, the Japan Association of Athletics Federations, improved his performance dramatically, he requested guidance from the Chukyo University OB Swimming Japan National Team.In particular, the butterfly individual event freestyle relay is a leading event in which Japan can aim for medals.

Yuichiro Sasaki Former JOC Swimming National Coach had you witness together at the request of.
Coach Sasaki is known to everyone involved in swimming, and the swimming team played an important role. He is also a national coach at the Rio Olympics.

First of all

XNUMX: Autonomic nerve function measurement (BIOCOM HRV Heart Rhythm SCANNER analysis system)

390: Lung function / respiratory function measurement (Electronic diagnostic spirometer Spiroshift SP-XNUMXRhino)

Was inspected.

As expected, Olympian ... It was a wonderful result.

Both autonomic nerves were predominantly parasympathetic and had high TP, which was the best data for top athletes.
The results of the spirometer, lung capacity, and other data are just top athletes.
Today, we will further upgrade this function from how to move the thorax smoothly, how to use the body, conditioning method and training method to increase the maximum oxygen uptake during breathing, which is the greatest advantage for swimming. I explained and instructed in detail.
Top athletes are sensitive to their bodies.
It seems that the result was immediately realized.
Coach Sasaki was also pleased and convinced.

All instruction is based on functional anatomy and exercise physiology, and since it is a swimming race, a quantitative evaluation of time can be achieved as a result.
The trainer doesn't need charisma.
Together with Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi of Juntendo University School of Medicine, who is also a collaborator and boss, I have provided autonomic nerve training and breathing instruction to many top athletes.
The culmination of this book was released by Ascom last month.

Considering the autonomic nervous function and respiratory function, I think that we are the only ones in Japan who provide thoracic training and guidance to top athletes with lung activity.
Improvement of autonomic nerve function → Breathing method → ​​Chest training → Lung activity → Immunity improvement
It leads to.

We believe that true conditioning guidance and training guidance are those that can be quantitatively evaluated according to evidence and functional anatomy, exercise physiology, individual characteristics, and competitive characteristics.

Both of them are top athletes who are highly expected to win medals in Japan.

I sincerely hope that the new Corona will be settled and the Tokyo Olympics will be held, and that they will be able to see the scene of winning medals.