To the top again

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Yesterday, Shinji Aoto, a friend of mine who ran the track and field club together for more than XNUMX years, was the London Olympics representative and former champion of the Japan Championships, Kana Ichikawa. XNUMX x XNUMX meters relay Japan representative I came to the hospital to receive training guidance with Mr. Ikuto Kawabata.

Ichikawa has been featured in many media as a beautiful athlete representing Japan, and not only his beauty but also his physical ability and achievements are outstanding.
At the age of XNUMX, she continues to be active and is still aiming to break the record.

Until now, training for sprinters has relied too much on power and skill, and physical use has been largely ignored.
This time, like Kawabata the other day, I was in charge of teaching the conditioning method and training method to improve the physical performance that gives immediate results.
I am confident that it will surely lead to good results.
Today, we provided guidance on breathing and thoracic training.It is so-called lung activity.
If the movement of the thorax improves, the energy from the center of the body will increase and energy can be efficiently transferred to the limbs.
The movement of the thorax improves. In other words, lung activity improves lung function and increases maximal oxygen uptake at one time.
It's more important than limb training.
The benefits of thoracic training

・ No risk
・ A great effect can be obtained in a short time.
・ Does not interfere with any training
・ You can do it anytime, anywhere
・ No equipment required
・ Can be used as a care method as a conditioning
・ Rehabilitation effect in case of failure
・ Competition characteristics are irrelevant
You can get great results such as ...

Kawabata will continue to teach until he can break the Japanese record for the men's XNUMXM, which has not been broken for many years.

I am happy to have the opportunity to coach many Olympic athletes and Japanese national team athletes.
The content of the instruction is in line with the content of this book.