Kawabata's self-record drastically updated

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XNUMXxXNUMXm relay Japan representative Ikuto Kawabata did it.
Super lung activity.
The thoracic training was improved, and it was done before the game, and the self-record of XNUMXm was greatly updated, and at XNUMXm, I was able to set the XNUMXth fastest time in Japan's history in the time race.
The body moves smoothly and it is a tremendous improvement in physical fitness.
We had you practice contents of book of super lung activity.


The Japanese national team will surely get a ticket to participate in the Tokyo Olympics after reaching the final at the World Relay Championship held in Poland.

I'm sure he will break the Japanese record for the XNUMXm men on land, which hasn't been broken for many years.
I also affirm that thoracic training will revolutionize athletics training methods.
Not only increasing maximal oxygen uptake but also increasing autonomic nerve function can relieve tension, increase parasympathetic nerves, and reduce wasteful energy waste.
This is very important for the XNUMXm.
It is expected that there will be a margin in the energy depletion state of the remaining XNUMXm and a big record break can be expected.

I have been running the track and field club of Japanese working people Topclass for more than 10 years, and I am confident that if scientific training and conditioning methods are paid attention to, athletes will not be injured and excellent results will be produced.

From now on, the time may come when doctors and trainers will play an active role.