Congratulations on your graduation from Jurina Matsui.

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Last night, Jurina Matsui's graduation concert was held at the Gaishi Hall.
I have been invited.
The venue is more uncle than a young woman (laughs) I am also an uncle ... but about XNUMX%.
I'm not an idol lover ... By acting as a conditioning trainer, I'll be the last male figure at SKEXNUMX!I saw it in the wonderful seat in the center.

Over XNUMX hours.

The production is wonderful and the professional live performance is wonderful.
I learned a lot from myself as a producer with artists.
There was a time when I became the world queen and left the stage for a while due to poor physical condition, but I was able to return and perform wonderful dances and songs.

It may have been difficult for her to understand her private life as an idol, but she has survived with her efforts and mental strength.Even if my body and mind screamed due to the load, I always worked hard and endured to the limit and moved forward.
I want you to relax a little.