Guidance to Japan Association of Athletics Federations Kawabata

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Yesterday, I visited the clinic with Mr. Shinji Aoto, the general manager of the track and field club of Chukyo University, who is also a friend of mine, and Mr. Ikuto Kawabata, a XNUMXM relay member from Japan.
The purpose of the visit is to receive conditioning guidance and training guidance to improve performance so that Kawabata can confirm the Tokyo Olympics Japan national team.
Mr. Aoto was the only Japanese male athlete to participate in the Summer and Winter Olympics and was a famous top athlete who set two Japanese records in the XNUMX meters on land.
During his active career, he helped with his conditioning and training guidance, and for more than XNUMX years he founded the Sakae Clinic Athletics and has been a top-class working team in Japan with athletes such as the Japan Championships World Championships Athens Olympics. I did.

Mr. Aoto coached many top athletes including Kana Ichikawa and was entrusted with the coaching of Kawabata, who is also his disciple.

If you know how to use your body, you can improve your physical ability without difficulty.So super lung activity! !!
Guidance on chest exercises.
Even for the general public, if it takes XNUMX weeks, the measured value of the spirometer will surely increase and the respiratory function will improve.

Kawabata is a top athlete who is expected to break the Japanese record and represent the Olympics, which has not been broken for many years.
Japan's XNUMXxXNUMXM relay is ranked XNUMXth in the world
If you advance to the final at the World Relay Championships in Poland, you will be qualified for the Tokyo Olympics.
Although there are no medals, the XNUMXxXNUMXm is an expected event that has been ranked XNUMXth in the Olympics.
It is a competition close to the world on land.

XNUMXm is a really tough competition.
It goes without saying that respiratory function is important.
Breathing function can definitely be improved by thoracic exercise.
From the general public, the elderly to top athletes.

Kawabata is expected to become a star in the short-distance track and field world that represents Japan.