Autonomic nerves

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Recently, the number of interviews related to autonomic nerves has increased.
My main medical work is cosmetic medicine, especially cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology, but my work at the university medical school is research on autonomic nerves.
I have been studying autonomic nerves for many years with my boss, Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi, at Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine.
Both intestinal activity and lung activity lead to the strengthening of autonomic nerves.
We are leading Japan in clinical research and activities in this field.
We are focusing on improving autonomic nervous function in all fields such as music, sports, health, and art.
Lung function and immunity are attracting attention due to the new type of corona infection, which is also closely related to the autonomic nerves.

What is the autonomic nerve?
It is the path of God that governs oneself.
In other words, it is a neural system that controls all the functions of the body that occur unconsciously, and it is software that corresponds to the OS if it is compared to a personal computer that is important for life support.
Autonomic nerves, which are software that moves hardware such as muscles and organs.
You can see how important it is.

This research has also helped many top athletes to improve their performance.
We also provide guidance for the Japanese national team players for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics through autonomic nerve training.
We have achieved remarkable results, but I would like to see the results further spread on the stage of the Tokyo Olympics.