Gummy Smile Treatment

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Gummy SmileThere are many patients who come to the hospital for treatment of the condition that the gums are exposed.
Even if your gums are not normally exposed, if you laugh, you may see your gums and feel uncomfortable.
In some cases, gingivectomy is performed in dentistry or oral surgery, but it can be said that the gingiva is restored and its effectiveness cannot be expected.
Although it is not a permanent solution in cosmetic surgery, there is BOTOX injection that can be easily performed in a short time without risk and can be expected to have a satisfactory effect.
BOTOX injection is performed on the muscles that raise the lips to suppress the movement of the muscles and restrict the movement of the facial muscles.
This prevents the lips from being displaced to the information and prevents the gums from being exposed.

The merit is
XNUMX: Very low risk of swelling and internal bleeding
XNUMX: Almost no pain
XNUMX: The treatment time is about XNUMX seconds
XNUMX: Can be treated even with makeup
XNUMX: The effect can be surely expected
XNUMX: It is unlikely that it will be in an unnatural state

The disadvantages are
XNUMX: The effect is not permanent and about half a year
XNUMX: Difficult to adjust the exposure


Recommended as a treatment with no downtime.

As the result is guaranteed, you can definitely improve your worries in just a few tens of seconds.